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Blog: Citizens Advice Bureau Warns of Increase in Employment Tribunals

Thursday 24th Nov 2011

The Citizens Advice Bureau has predicted that government plans to end the provision of legal aid in employment tribunals will actually increase the number of cases that make it to that very expensive stage.

While employers would of course be advised to establish structures that minimize cases where this eventually happens, the government has attempted to help businesses by refusing to assist potential rogue claimants with legal aid, thereby theoretically forcing poorer claimants to consider their case more thoroughly as they face personal cost should their case fail.

However, Citizens Advice Chief Executive Gillian Guy explained: “If the legal aid cuts go ahead, Citizens Advice Bureau will no longer be able to offer the specialist legal advice and casework that helps resolve more than 3,000 employment problems every year, most involving vulnerable workers in low paid, low skilled work, who have nowhere else to turn for help.”

The result is that more employers could lose valuable management time while unsuccessful claimants risk their careers unnecessarily by trying to conduct the case themselves.

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Rosie Winsor

Monday 06th February 2012

So sad to hear that from employers which they said they are hired with a Legal recruitment . The thing they complain is about the contractual job which seems to be uninsured and immovable in situations like this.

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