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Blog: Claimants Could Pay Fee To Lodge Unfair Dismissal Claim

Thursday 17th Nov 2011

Government consultation is currently taking place to decide whether a “filing fee” should be paid by claimants looking to take their employers to a tribunal.

The reasoning behind the proposed move is to reduce the number of vexations claims currently being made, with an average case taking up fourteen working days of management time.  This has had a profound effect on smaller businesses struggling to survive, with some even going into administration as a result.

While the fee may well be means tested, with it being removed entirely for the poorest claimants, the figure of £250 has been mooted with the potential for it to rise for larger claims.

Regardless of whether this deterrent to spurious claims is brought in and is effective in reality, it is clear that by having proper structures in place an employer can reduce the potential for disputes reaching an employment tribunal by implementing the appropriate structures initially.

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