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Blog: Hair Dye Injury and Beauty Treatment Compensation Claims

Thursday 13th Oct 2011

The horrifying and tragic story of Tabatha McCourt in the news today shows how important it is when undertaking any sort of beauty therapy or treatment, to make sure all possible precautions are taken.

Tabitha’s story is an extreme case, but we have dealt with a number of claims against hairdressers and hair dye injury compensation claims after users have suffered allergic reactions and other injuries. Our guide looks at how you can try and avoid having an adverse reaction to hair dye, hair treatments or other beauty treatments and avoid making a compensation claim.

Very often hairdresser claims and hair dye injury claims are linked to the levels of chemicals in the product such as PPD, peroxide or other potentially dangerous chemicals.

Below are some tips in order to avoid having an adverse reaction and in a position where you have to make a hair dye injury compensation claim.


Hair Treatments at Home

If you are dying your hair at home always ensure that you complete a patch test at least 48 hours before you dye your hair.

You should do this every time you dye your hair, even if you are using the same hair dye you have always used. Often companies change the ingredients in their hair dye. Generally, they do not advertise any changes. Slight changes in the active ingredients (such as PPD) could be the difference between no reaction and a burn to the scalp.

Your skin also changes every 4 -6 weeks. Even if the ingredients of the hair dye have not changed the difference in your skin could also cause an allergic reaction.

If you have suffered a hair dye injury or have been injured by any other hair treatment or product contact us today on 0808 155 9070 or make an online hair dye compensation claim, no win no fee.


Hair Treatments at a Hairdressers or Salon

Reputable hair salons will ask for a new skin test every four to six weeks. This is for the same reasons as outlined above.

Professional tints often have large amounts of PPD in them and the salon needs to ensure you have not developed any potential reaction to it. If your hair is being bleached your hair should be checked every 10 – 15 minutes. The reason for this is two fold;

  • To ensure that your scalp is not hurting, hot or itchy; and
  • To ensure that the colour is developing in the right way.

Once your colour has developed it should be rinsed using cool water. Your scalp may be sensitive because of the application of bleach and hot water may aggravate it.

Hairdressers should do a strand test before any application of dye to ensure that the hair is suitable for the dye being applied. If you feel that your scalp is burning or you have an itchy sensation tell the hairdresser immediately as they should remove any dye applied.

If you think you have suffered because of hairdresser negligence and want to make a hairdresser claim contact colemans-ctts today on 0808 155 9070 or claim here to see if you can claim and get 100% of yur compensation, no win no fee.


Beauty Salon

In the case of tinting the beauty salon should carry out the same patch test for the dye that a hair salon would carry out.

Reputable salons will also ask you to complete a card detailing any allergies or previous illnesses that you have had which may affect any treatments they undertake. It is important to complete the card fully to ensure that any treatment you have is right for you.

Often, treatments are not suitable for pregnant women.

In the event that wax is applied to you and it is too hot you should tell your therapist immediately.

You should also ensure that the wax is removed in accordance with the recommended techniques.

Again, if there is any pain that you have not experienced before ensure that you tell your therapist.

If you have suffered a hair dye injury or think you have a compensation claim after a beauty treatment because you have been injured contact colemans-ctts to make a compensation claim. Call us now on 0808 155 9070 or claim online. We have helped people make claims against hair dye companies, hairdresser claims for negligence and beauty salons.

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