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Rectification of Wills - The Supreme Court decision in Marley –v– Rawlings [2014] UKSC 2

Friday 7th Feb 2014

After a couple accidentally signed each other's Wills, Judgment from the Supreme Court in the recent contested probate claim of Marley v Rawlings demonstrates that the Court will place emphasis on the intensions of the person signing the document if the validity of the document is in question.


Blankley v Central Manchester

Wednesday 5th Feb 2014

Blankley v Central Manchester – Effect of loss of capacity on solicitor’s retainer.

FREE Employment Seminar in Kingston: Managing Absence

Tuesday 4th Feb 2014

Join us at our Kingston office for a FREE seminar on THURSDAY 13TH MARCH 2014 looking at how businesses can manage and reduce the impact of employee absence on their organisation.

Free Emplomyent Seminar March

Enforcement of a Residential Possession Order via the High Court

Monday 3rd Feb 2014

Once you have obtained a possession order against your tenant, it would be reasonable to expect your tenant to vacate the property by the date given. Unfortunately this often does not occur and the only way you can actually get your tenant out of the property is by means of a formal eviction. With it taking up to 4 weeks in some case for a baliff to apply a warrant, Colemans-ctts solicitor, Alistair Spencer, looks at how to make an enforcement of a residential possession order via the High Court.

5 Reasons to Make a Will With a Solicitor

Monday 27th Jan 2014

Although we are told that making a will is very important, what isn't clear is what the advantages having a solicitor prepare your will compared to a cheap will writing service or doing it yourself. We take a look at five reasons why you should make a will with a solicitor.

pen and contract

Minimum Wage: Employers Face £20,000 Fines For Non-payment

Friday 17th Jan 2014

Employers who do not pay their workers the national minimum wage face increased penalties of up to £20,000 as part of a Government crackdown.

Minimum wage chages for business

Instructing Solicitors Early Speeds up Your Conveyancing Say Estate Agents

Thursday 16th Jan 2014

A question often asked by clients when moving home is ‘is there anything I can do to speed up my conveyance'? Because the conveyancing process relies on different parties, sometimes delays can happen, but one of the leading property companies in the UK have suggested a way the conveyancing process can be sped up by over a week.

Colemans-ctts to Sponsor Headway South West London Activity

Tuesday 17th Dec 2013

Colemans-ctts are pleased to announce that we have agreed to sponsor HEADWAY South West London's programme of social events in 2013, providing them vital funding to help improve life of people who have suffered a life altering brain injury.


Gender pay gap widens for the first time in five years

Friday 13th Dec 2013

New figures have shown that the pay gap between men and women has widened for the first time in five years.

Gender Pay Gap Widens

Article: Accidents involving Pedestrians - Review of Court of Appeal Decision

Friday 13th Dec 2013

This article written by Partner and Head of Motor Simon Stanfield looking at recent Court of Appeal decisions surrounding in road traffic accidents involving pedestrians and what it means for future decisions.

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