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Blog: 10 Recent employment law changes you need to know

Friday 25th Apr 2014

A number of changes to employment law were ushered in on the 6th April 2014. Whether you are an an employer or an employee, we look at the 10 important changes you should be aware of:


What is a disability under the Equality Act 2010

Wednesday 26th Mar 2014

Businesses know how difficult a line to tread the Equality Act can be. In this article we highlight conditions which may not strike you as a disability, but are covered within the Equality Act 2010’s definition of a disability.

Kisoka v Ratnpinyotip - fairly or unfairly dismissed?

Monday 24th Mar 2014

Is the appeal process when it comes to unfair dismissal itself fair? We look at the recent case of Kisoka v Ratnpinyotip considered by the Employment Appeal Tribunal, in which an employee claimed for unfair dismissal when their former employer refused to rehire them after their original dismissal was overturned by an independent board.


March Employment Newsletter

Wednesday 19th Mar 2014

This month's employment newsletter looks at recent news surrounding HR and employment in general, including the costliness of sick leave on organisations, as well as rulings and legislation which all businesses should be aware of.

Newsletter Feb

Sickness absence rates drop in the last 20 years

Monday 3rd Mar 2014

The recent report from the Office For National Statistics shows that the rate of sickness absence in the workplace has decreased by a huge amount in the in the last 20 years.

Office of National Statistics

Absence: Free Employment Seminar April

Friday 21st Feb 2014

We are holding a FREE employment seminar in our Manchester office at 9.00AM on THURSDAY 10TH APRIL. In it we will be looking at how businesses can manage and reduce the impact of employee absence on their organisation.


Colemans-CTTS delight at Will Aid’s birthday success

Thursday 20th Feb 2014

Our Wills and Probate department recently took part in Will Aid 2013 and are delighted to announce a fabulous fundraising total of £1,181.

Will Aid 25th Birthday

Pursuing a case yourself: the dangers of litigating in person

Thursday 13th Feb 2014

Colemans-CTTS Serious Personal Injury Solicitor, Charles O’Brien, looks at the all too common situation of serious injury victims attempting to pursue their case themselves after instructing firms without the requisite expertise, and the dangers of litigating in person without adequate legal representation.

Scales of Justice

Colemans-CTTS donate over £4,500 to North West Air Ambulance

Wednesday 12th Feb 2014

Staff from our Manchester office visited the headquarters of the North West Air Ambulance to present them with a cheque for almost £5,000, raised through some of the fund raising activites we took part in last year.

North West Air Ambulance and Colemans-CTTS

Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker’s Wills making headlines

Monday 10th Feb 2014

The deaths of Nelson Mandela and Hollywood actor, Paul Walker, made headlines at the beginning of 2014 and now it’s their Wills making the headlines. Edward Fraser from our Wills and Probate Department looks at the fallout from the two men's Wills and the lessons for anyone thinking about getting their own Will in the future.

Wills and Probate - pen

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