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Employment Blog: Bringing a Solicitor to a Disciplinary

Tuesday 27th Nov 2012

In the recent case of the Ministry of Justice v Parry the Employment Appeal Tribunal recently ruled that an employee should have been allowed to bring a solicitors with them to an internal disciplinary hearing which led to their dismissal because the effect of the dismissal meant they could no longer work as a District Probate Registrar. The court held that because of this Article 6 of the ECHR should have been engaged and she had been unfairly dismissed.

Colemans Lorna Valcin on Flexible Working Hours in The Voice

Wednesday 14th Nov 2012

Colemans-ctts Partner and Head of Employment, Lorna Valcin has commented on the government proposals to give employees more legal rights when it comes to the flexible working. Speaking to the Voice, Lorna said the new plans would benefit all employees and "mean that mothers are able to more easily return to work and get a better work-life balance when they do.”

Lorna Valcin

Employment Blog: Equal pay for Women Court Decision

Thursday 25th Oct 2012

The landmark decision reached by the Supreme Court in the claim against Birmingham City Council on behalf of 174 women bringing equal pay claims will have ripples up and down the country and the implications to other local authorities will be vast. Head of Employment Lorna Valcin looks at the descision...

Pay gap between men and women

Blog: Abercwmboi Phurnacite Plant Workers’ High Court Victory

Wednesday 24th Oct 2012

Former workers at the Phurnacite plant  in Abercwmboi, Aberdare, South Wales have won a landmark victory at the High Court, paving the way for hundreds more former employees to claim compensation for lung cancer and potentially other industrial diseases. The court ruled workers were exposed to cancer-causing dust and fumes when working at the former British Coal coke plant - described by some at the time as the dirtiest factory in Europe.

Abercwmboi Phurnacite plant gave workers lung cancer

Debt Blog: Pre Pack sales and Credit - Has Failure Become Acceptable?

Monday 1st Oct 2012

When a business falls into insolvency, does the stigma of being involved in a failed venture affect a reputation as much as it used to? And what position should credit controllers take when it comes to failed businesses restarting - especially under the same management leadership?

Pre Pack sales and Credit

Colemans-ctts named Conveyancing Firm of the Year-London and South East

Tuesday 25th Sep 2012

Colemans-ctts have been awarded the Regional Conveyancing Firm of the Year for London and the South East at the LFS Conveyancing Awards. The awards recognised Colemans-ctts as among the best conveyancing firms in the country and winners of best conveyancing solicitors in the London and South East 2012.

Conveyancing firm of the year

News: New National Minimum Wage Limits

Tuesday 25th Sep 2012

From 1st October 2012 there are important changes to the national minimum wage limit every business should be aware of.

New National Minimum Wage Limits

Debt Blog: EU Late Payment Directive

Friday 21st Sep 2012

With the intention of reducing late payments across the EU, this directive is likely to come into force next March. What is the new directive, what will it mean for businesses in the UK and wider Europe and will it work? We take a look at the implications.

EU Late Payment Directive

News: Gas Safety Week - take care, be Gas Safe

Monday 10th Sep 2012

We are proud to be supporting Gas Safety Week taking place 10th -16th September 2012. Gas Safety Week is co-ordinated by Gas Safe Register, the official list of gas engineers who are legally allowed to work on your gas boiler, gas cooker and gas fire.  Gas Safety Week aims to raise awareness of gas safety and the importance of taking care of your gas appliances.

Debt Blog: How to Negotiate Payment with Clients

Monday 20th Aug 2012

Having previously looked at the best way of negotiating payment terms with clients and implementing payment terms so both you and the client understand the responsiblities, in this blog we give you some top tips on how to negotiate with a client over payment, covering the key areas to consider and some basic rules to follow when negotiating.

Negiotiation is like a game of chess

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