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FREE Manchester Employment Seminar - Wednesday 22nd January 2014

Thursday 5th Dec 2013

Join us for a FREE emplomyent seminar at our Manchester office at 9am on Thursday 23rd January 2014, looking at discipline and grievance and the legal implications for your business.

Free Manchester Employment Seminar

CARBON MONOXIDE Week - campaign for mandatory alarms

Wednesday 27th Nov 2013

AS PART of Carbon Monoxide Week this week we are helping raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning after one of our clients was almost killed by what is often referred to as the "silent killer".

Cycling: Bring clarity to unsure road users

Friday 22nd Nov 2013

Following the posts we have done relating to the London Superhighways and Tolworth Greenway, it seems that what needs to be addressed as the number one priority is overall Road Safety.  

Video: London’s Cycle Super Highway and Tolworth Greenway

Thursday 21st Nov 2013

Watch the Guardian newspaper's incredible video of a cyclist's eye view of the Cycle Super Highway which gives an insight into the issues faced by cyclists everyday. Alongside this is a video of the new Tolworth Greenway, the new cycling and pedestrian zone in Kingston.

Video: National Grid Carbon Monoxide Warning

Tuesday 19th Nov 2013

The impact of carbon monoxide poisoning can be devastating and in many cases fatal. 18th -22nd November is Carbon Monoxide week - watch the National Grid's excellent carbon monoxide warning video:

Petition Calling for Safety Improvements to London’s Cycle Lanes

Thursday 14th Nov 2013

Road Traffic Accidents and the consequences to victims and families can be devastating . As a firm that  works with families who have been affected by such accidents we are asking why cyclist safety is not a bigger priority.  We believe that action is needed NOW, before there are any more tragic accidents.  The public have a right to understand what plans are in place.  Sign our petition today so we can lobby government to make roads safer for cyclists.

Is a refusal to mediate ever reasonable?

Thursday 7th Nov 2013

A recent decision of the Court of appeal in PGF II SA v OMFS Co 1 Ltd has made clear that silence in response to a request to mediate is likely to be unreasonable, even if there may have been good reasons to refuse. This widens the general principle that an unreasonable refusal to mediate can attract sanctions and penalties.

Hugo Lloris, Tottenham Hotspur Goalkeeper knocked out:  Does Football Understand Concussion?

Wednesday 6th Nov 2013

Partner and Head of Serious Personal Injury Claire Roantree looks at the recent case of Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, who was knocked out during a recent match but continued to playout the rest of the game despite medical opinion and asks: is football in the dark when it comes to concussion?

Football and Concussion

Bonfire Night – Be aware and Be safe

Tuesday 5th Nov 2013

It's the 5th November which means bonfires and fireworks. It can be easy to become blasé and unconcerned when it comes to firework safety, and though there are warnings and restrictions on the type of fireworks on sale to the public there are still reports of people being injured through no fault of their own in accidents involving fireworks. Don’t be one of the hundreds of people each year that suffer a personal injury whilst attending a firework display and be as safe as possible.  

Firework Safety

Mis-selling of interest rate swaps: Green & Rowley v. RBS Royal Bank of Scotland PLC

Tuesday 5th Nov 2013

The Court of Appeal has recently rejected an appeal by John Green and Paul Rowley in their case against the Royal Bank of Scotland PLC (the Bank).  The Court held that the Claimants had not been advised to purchase the swap in question and the Bank therefore did not owe them a common law duty of care, writes Jonathan Dinsdale.

Interst Rate Swaps

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