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Key Steps to Effective Sickness Absence Management

Monday 11th Aug 2014

Government figures show that nearly one million workers are off sick for a month each year, while the Department for Work and Pensions estimates that employers face an annual bill of around £9 billion for sick pay and associated costs. Reena Sharma, employment solicitor at Colemans-ctts, provides an overview of procedures employers should follow when dealing with employee absence.

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NEWS: New Mitchell Judgement sees introduction of 3 Stage Test

Friday 4th Jul 2014

On Friday 4th July the Court of Appeal handed down judgment in the “Mitchell” test cases (Denton et al) which has changed the landscape for litigators. Colemans-ctts Partner and High Court Costs Assessor, Greg Cox, welcomes the judgement which sees revised guidance in the form of a 3 stage test, and looks at what it means going forward.

Colemans-CTTS finalists in Trafford Business Awards

Tuesday 24th Jun 2014

Colemans CTTS have been named as finalists in the Trafford Business Awards 2014 for Employer of the Year.

Trafford Business Awards

July Employment Breakfast Brief - Flexible Working

Tuesday 24th Jun 2014

Register for our FREE employment ‘Breakfast Brief’, taking place at 9am on July 18th at our Kingston office. This is a fantastic opportunity to get up to speed with the latest flexible working practices as well as a bit of informal networking thrown in to the mix too.

Durkin v DSG Retail: victory for consumer credit blacklisted over returned laptop

Thursday 29th May 2014

The recent Scottish case of Durkin v DSG Retail decided that in certain circumstances a credit agreement entered into to purchase goods will be considered cancelled if the goods are rejected. They also found that the lender could be liable for any damage to the consumer’s credit rating after the credit agreement cancellation.

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Law v Frith Accountants - Constructive Dismissal Blame Game Changer?

Monday 12th May 2014

If a claimant feels that they have been forced to resign can the Tribunal look at the Claimants own conduct leading up to this resignation? If they can, is it reasonable for the Tribunal to reduce the award made to the Claimant owing to their conduct? We look at a recent case where the Claimant made a successful claim to the Employment Tribunal for constructive dismissal, her employer subsequently made an appeal to the Employment Appeal Tribunal on these matters.

News: Laser Eye Surgey Giant Fails to Silence Critics

Thursday 1st May 2014

The battle between Optical Express and 'Optical Express Ruined My Life' - a website dedicated to complaints from customers of the laser eye surgery giant - recently drew to a conclusion. But in ruling the site should be allowed to continue, the case also highlighted the campaign being waged to improve the oversight and regulation of the multi-million pound laser eye surgery industry.

Laser Eye Surgery

Blog: 10 Recent employment law changes you need to know

Friday 25th Apr 2014

A number of changes to employment law were ushered in on the 6th April 2014. Whether you are an an employer or an employee, we look at the 10 important changes you should be aware of:


What is a disability under the Equality Act 2010

Wednesday 26th Mar 2014

Businesses know how difficult a line to tread the Equality Act can be. In this article we highlight conditions which may not strike you as a disability, but are covered within the Equality Act 2010’s definition of a disability.

Kisoka v Ratnpinyotip - fairly or unfairly dismissed?

Monday 24th Mar 2014

Is the appeal process when it comes to unfair dismissal itself fair? We look at the recent case of Kisoka v Ratnpinyotip considered by the Employment Appeal Tribunal, in which an employee claimed for unfair dismissal when their former employer refused to rehire them after their original dismissal was overturned by an independent board.


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