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Sheppey crossing crash: claiming compensation after the 100 vehicle pile up

Friday 6th Sep 2013

With 130 cars, lorries, trucks and vans involved in the pile up, the Sheppey Crossing accident will be remembered as one of the largest of recent times. The images showing the scale of the car crash on the bridge in Kent illustrate how miraculous it was that there were no fatalities.  For those victims of the accident who were injured in the crash at Sheppey  will they be able to claim compensation for their injuries?

Crash At Shebby crossing

Welshpool Tractor and Train Crash Passengers May be Eligible to Claim Compensation

Wednesday 4th Sep 2013

Passengers involved in a train crash at Buttingdon in Welshpool are considering whether to claim compensation after they were injured in an accident involving a tractor and a train travelling from Birmingham to Aberystwyth.

Train and a Tractor Crash in Welshpool

News: Claiming Compensation for Illness at Sentido Perissia Hotel

Friday 23rd Aug 2013

Colemans-ctts travel solicitors are helping a significant number of families make compensation claims after they were struck down with illness while staying at the troubled Sentido Perissia Hotel at Side in Turkey. The holiday bug, which may be food poisoning-related, swept through the hotel this August leaving a number of holiday makers hospitalised as well as hundreds more with stomach cramps and diarrhoea that confined them to their rooms and ruined their holiday. Thomas Cook are now bracing themselves for a number of claims for holiday illness compensation.

Claims at Sentido Perissia

News: The Case of Joan Edwards highlights the Importance of a Clearly Defined Will

Thursday 15th Aug 2013

Today’s Daily Mail article on the case of Joan Edwards highlights the importance of having a Will that clearly defines what your wishes are and how they should be carried out says colemans-ctts Wills and Probate Solicitor Edward Fraser.

July Employment Law Newsletter

Friday 5th Jul 2013

In our July newsletter we look at recent changes in employment law and how they could affect your business as well as news and sotries of interest over the last month.

Debt Blog: Can’t pay or wont pay?

Thursday 6th Jun 2013

One of the most taxing issues any credit controller will face is judging whether a client is telling the truth about their ability to pay. There is no easy answer to this but there are perhaps a few pointers and options which can aid judgment.

Employment Newsletter - June 2013: Tribunal fees, Equalities Act and discrimination claims

Tuesday 4th Jun 2013

Our brand new Employment Law Newsletter for June includes news on:

Employment Tribunal fees and the recent announcement of when these fees will be implemented;

A recent ruling illustrating how post-employment victimisation is covered by the Equalities Act 2012;

Discrimination claims, developments regarding burden of proof and how it could effect your business.

May Employment Update: Statutory Pay, Changes to Redundancy and Discrimantion

Thursday 2nd May 2013

May Employment Update: Recent changes to statutory pay saw increases in sick pay, maternity, paternity and adoption pay as well as the national minimum wage. How will this affect your business and what do you need to know about the changes?

Commercial Blog: An Upturn?

Monday 29th Apr 2013

News that the UK has avoided a dreaded triple dip recession by 0.3% upturn has been greeted in equal parts optimism and wariness. The UK economy still clearly has ways to go before any kind of recovery can be confirmed, but what does the news mean for business and more specifically debt recovery and credit control?

Article: Jackson Reforms & Cosmetic Surgery Negligence Claims

Tuesday 23rd Apr 2013

With the Jackson reforms having taken affect, is it still viable for solicitors to take on cosmetic surgery medical negligence cases and will claimants suffer if solicitors are now less likely to pursue justice?

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